Check PNR Status

Do you intend to travel across India? Would you like to plan your upcoming trip by train? Do you have concerns about how to check the PNR status of your train? Well, Indian Train is the answer to all your concerns.

Indian Train helps you track the status of your PNR in real-time. Indian Train is an amazing platform that helps train travelers 24/7. It not only helps you check real-time PNR status, but it also offers various train enquiry services. Read on to gain in-depth knowledge of the PNR inquiry for your railway tickets with Indian Train.

Check PNR Status

Check the PNR Status of Your Train Ticket

You can check PNR Status to know the updated status of your Indian Railway ticket, including whether the ticket has been confirmed or is on a waiting list or RAC. If other travelers cancel their voyage, the PNR status for the waiting list or RAC passengers may move to confirm in the future. Can/Mod is displayed for passengers who have cancelled their journey.

When you make a booking through IRCTC or PRS, you will be given a unique PNR number that will be effective until the completion of your travel. The origin station, train number, boarding point, destination station, travel class, seat number, quota, train coach number, and chart status information are all included in the train ticket status. Once the final charting is done, the ticket status stops updating and does not change. Passengers can check the status of their reserved tickets either on the Indian Railways official website or at Indian Train.

Check PNR Status Live on Mobile for the Updated Ticket Status

Checking the PNR status of a railway ticket on an Indian Train is quick and easy. If you have a mobile or tablet, you must install the Indian Train app from the Google Play Store, which allows you to check the current status of your reserved ticket with a single click.

Follow the Procedures below for Checking Live PNR Status on Mobile

  • Visit the Indian Train app or website from your mobile device to check the status of your ticket.
  • Look for the PNR enquiry link in the menu.
  • Enter the Passenger Name Record (PNR) number in the given box.
  • Now, to check your ticket status, hit the check PNR status button.
  • Wait for a moment, and the updated status of your ticket will be on your screen.

You can check your ticket status on Indian Train at any time, as the website and app are accessible 24/7. You can also use it for train coach position enquiry and seat availability enquiry.

IRCTC PNR Status Check via SMS and Call

Passengers can use any mobile phone to check the PNR status via SMS or Call. All you have to do is text PNR to 139. Likewise, you can check your ticket status by dialing 139 (railway enquiry number).

Indian Train PNR Status and Confirmation Prediction

The Indian Train PNR Prediction helps you know the chances of confirmation of your booked ticket. PNR predictions are made using automated data analysis techniques and are based on a range of metrics such as booking and cancellation records, station quotas, festivals, days of the week, and others.

Usually, waiting lists have quite fewer possibilities of being confirmed during peak seasons such as Holi, Diwali, Chhath, Dussehra, Summer Vacation, and many more. This is due to the high number of commuters that travel to their home cities.

The Indian Train PNR Prediction lets you know your current PNR status as well as the probability of your ticket being confirmed. If your ticket status has a low probability of confirmation on an Indian Train, it is best to look for an alternate train on the same route. Indian Train also has an additional tool that allows you to find all possible trains running on the routes to your location.

Is the PNR Number Assigned to the Unreserved Train Ticket?

Only reserved tickets are assigned a PNR number. There is no PNR number assigned to unreserved train tickets. This is because the Indian Railway does not reserve any berths or seats in this type of train, and passengers are free to sit anywhere in their allotted coach inside the train.

Is there an App to Check the Train Coach Position on Mobile?

Certainly, Indian Train is one of the most popular railway inquiry web apps for mobile users. The Indian Train app tries to help travelers 24/7, and with the help of its coach position enquiry facility, you can get to know your accurate coach position.

What Role Does the PNR Play Across Your Trip?

The PNR will be useful throughout your vacation in the following ways:

  • Get Your Reservation Guaranteed: When you have the PNR number and identity proof with you at the time of travel, you may show those to the ticket collector to get your reservation confirmed. As a result, it is beneficial to all passengers who have forgotten to carry their tickets.
  • Know Your Coach and Seat Number: When making a PNR enquiry, you can get to know your coach and seat number.
  • Fully understand all Booking Details: The PNR number could be used to get all booking details, such as the fare charged, train’s arrival and departure time, journey date, class, quota, seat, and bogie number.
  • Getting a duplicate ticket: The PNR number is required at the time of requesting a duplicate ticket when the original ticket is lost or damaged.
  • You can check RAC or WL Status: You can also use the PNR number to check whether the status of your booked ticket is RAC (reservation against cancellation) or WL (waitlisted).

Types of Abbreviations in Train Tickets

The abbreviations that are used in Indian railway or IRCTC tickets are as follows:

  • In Indian railway tickets, CNF stands for the ticket that is confirmed.
  • RAC in Indian railway tickets stands for Reservation Against Cancellation.
  • WL in Indian railway tickets stands for the ticket that is on the waiting list.
  • GNWL in Indian railway tickets stands for the ticket that is on the general waiting list.
  • In Indian railway tickets, PQWL stands for the ticket that is on the pooled quota waiting list.
  • RLWL in Indian railway tickets stands for the ticket that is on the Remote Location Waiting List.
  • In Indian railway tickets, TQWL stands for the ticket that is on the Tatkal Waiting List.


We have tried to include all the required information on checking the PNR status on the Indian Train and how it is important in planning a hassle-free journey. You can check your ticket status directly on its official website, or you can make use of the Indian Train mobile app, the greatest and top-notch app for IRCTC or Indian railway train enquiries.

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