Emirates PNR Status

Emirates, the flagship carrier of the United Arab Emirates, is renowned for its world-class services and extensive global network. They offer a PNR status checking facility through which you can get real-time updates on your flight, its timing, and itinerary modifications. You just need your booking reference and last name to use the Emirates PNR status service. It helps you stay updated about your trip, making travel easier. Airlines’ commitment to passenger convenience and technology integration makes it a top choice for travelers worldwide.

Emirates PNR Status

What are the methods to check the Emirates PNR status?

There are multiple convenient methods to check the Emirates PNR status. Passengers can check the flight booking status of their ticket online, either on the Emirates website or mobile app. Alternatively, they can inquire by calling Emirates customer service or by visiting their airport counter.

How can I check the Emirates PNR status online?

To check the Emirates PNR status online, follow these steps:

  • Visit the website: Go to the official Emirates website at emirates.com.
  • Find the Manage Section: Look for the “Manage” option on the homepage of the Emirates website.
  • Enter booking details: Then go to the “Manage My Booking” option. Enter your Emirates booking reference number and the last name of the passenger.
  • View Status: Click on “Retrieve Booking” to view your booking details, including the Emirates flight PNR status.

How do I inquire about the Emirates PNR status through customer care?

To inquire about the Emirates PNR status through customer care, follow these steps:

  • Find Number: Look for the customer care number of Emirates, which is usually present on their official website.
  • Dial Number: Dial the Emirates customer care number, which is +91-9167003333 for India.
  • Provide Details: Once connected to a customer care representative, provide them with your Emirates PNR number.
  • Booking Status: The representative will then access your Emirates booking and provide you with the current Emirates flight PNR status along with other necessary information.

About Emirates

Emirates Airlines, often simply referred to as Emirates, is one of the world’s most prominent and recognized airlines. It is the largest carrier in the UAE and is renowned for its exceptional service, modern fleet, and extensive global network.


It was established in 1985 as the official flag carrier of the UAE, with its hub based at Dubai International Airport. Under the visionary leadership of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the airline rapidly expanded its operations and has since become a global aviation giant. It has consistently broken records for its route expansion and is known for its luxurious in-flight experience.


The airline boasts a modern and diverse fleet, comprised of Airbus A380s, Boeing 777s, and Airbus A330s. The airline was the first to introduce the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft, into its fleet, setting new standards for comfort and luxury in air travel. With a focus on environmental sustainability, it continually invests in more fuel-efficient aircraft to reduce its carbon footprint.


Airline is renowned for its top-notch services, both on the ground and in the air. Here are some of the key features:

  • In-Flight Entertainment (ICE): It offers one of the most extensive and advanced in-flight entertainment systems, ICE, providing passengers with a wide array of movies, TV shows, music, and even live television. The system is available in numerous languages and offers a superb travel experience.
  • Cuisine: The airline is known for its delicious and diverse dining options. Passengers can savor gourmet meals paired with a selection of fine wines, regardless of their travel class.
  • First-Class and Business-Class Cabins: Airline’s premium cabins are known for their opulence. First-class passengers enjoy private suites, while business-class travelers have lie-flat seats and access to exclusive airport lounges.
  • Frequent-Flyer Program: The airline’s loyalty program, Emirates Skywards, offers members various perks, such as free flights, lounge access, and priority boarding.
  • Airport Lounges: It provides luxurious lounges at many major airports, offering comfortable seating, dining options, spa services, and more for its premium passengers.

Global Network

The airline has an extensive global route network, connecting passengers to over 150 destinations in more than 80 countries across six continents. Its strategic location in Dubai allows for convenient connections between Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, making it a preferred choice for travelers around the world.


The airline has significantly influenced the global aviation industry. It has played a crucial role in transforming Dubai into a major international aviation hub and a popular stopover destination for travelers. The introduction of the Airbus A380, with its luxurious amenities, redefined the standards of long-haul travel and spurred competition among airlines to enhance their premium offerings. Additionally, the airline’s commitment to innovation, customer service, and safety has earned it numerous awards and accolades.


In conclusion, the airline stands as a symbol of luxury, innovation, and excellence in the aviation industry. It has continually pushed the boundaries of what is possible in air travel, providing passengers with unparalleled comfort and service while connecting the world through its extensive global network. The airlines’ commitment to passenger convenience and technology integration, such as Emirates PNR status service, makes them a top choice for travelers worldwide.

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