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Do you like traveling by train? Planning your next India trip? If so, then IRCTC is the best choice for you. It’s a great option for booking your train tickets and ensuring a smooth travel experience. With IRCTC, you can conveniently plan and organize your train travel, making it a reliable choice for your upcoming adventure in India. Thanks to technological upgrades, IRCTC has enhanced various features for the benefit of travelers. So, now, with all these upgrades, your train journey can be more relaxing and enjoyable.

Numerous technological upgrades have been made, accompanied by the introduction of handy mobile applications designed for live train status checks. Now, you can easily track the real-time status of your train from your device with the help of the Indian Train App. This app will prove invaluable for planning an optimal trip. Keep reading to get all the details on checking the train running status.

Live Train Status

Why should travelers check the live train status?

Travelers or passengers need to know the train’s live status, as it helps them plan ahead of time to board a train from the station comfortably and experience a wonderful and memorable train journey. Passengers can easily get to know the current status, delays, and expected arrival and departure times of any train using the “Train Running Status” feature. And if you need the most accurate train live running status, then you must download the Indian Train app on your mobile, or you may visit Indian Train’s official website.

Inquire about the live train running status using Indian Train

In simple words, Indian Train helps IRCTC travelers by tracking the train running status in real-time. The Indian Train may give you lots of up-to-date details on the real-time train inquiry. Its effective GPS navigation feature guarantees that train travelers are always kept informed about the status of their trains, no matter where they are traveling.

With Indian Train, you may get up-to-date data on your train’s progress, location, projected arrival and departure timings, any unexpected delays, as well as the expected station number at which the train will show up. Individuals may enjoy their trip in peace and a comfortable state of mind if they remain updated on the status of their train.

Indian Train goes above and beyond to confidently say that train travelers can have a great travel experience by providing them with many passenger-friendly services. The most frequently used services include railway inquiries like PNR status, train status, live station status, fare inquiry, platform locator, and train time table.

What do we need to get train live running status information?

Passengers must have access to the live train running status online in order to spot their train. Nowadays, any traveler can check an accurate live train’s running status by inputting the following details:

  • Date of Journey (DOJ): The day the passenger will board the train and begin their journey is referred to as the Date of Journey (DOJ). On making reservations, IRCTC leaves a message to the associated mobile number with the date as well as the schedule of the journey stated on the ticket.
  • Train Name and Number: Every train is being provided with a unique five-digit number by IRCTC, such as “12107” for the LTT SITAPUR EXP. That would be the train’s unique identification number, as well as the track it will take.
  • Names of the source and destination stations: The origin or source station is where all train journeys begin, and the destination station is where all train journeys terminate. The LTT SITAPUR EXP, for example, departs from LOKMANYATILAK T (source) and arrives at SITAPUR Railway Station at the end of its voyage (destination).

These factors are necessary for checking the train’s live status in real-time.

Method of Checking Train Live Running Status on Indian Train

The method of checking train live running status on Indian Train is mentioned below:

  • Firstly, you must visit the Indian Train website or download and install the Indian Train app from the Play Store.
  • Browse to the “Menu” list and click Live Train Status.
  • After entering the train number, the train’s name along with the train number appear in the dropdown.
  • Select your train from the drop-down. It’s selected when you click on it.
  • Choose the journey date among the listed options in the drop-down.
  • Lastly, hit on the “Get Train Status” button.
  • After doing this, the train’s current running status will be shown on your screen.

Tracking the status of the train is the quickest and best method for easily spotting your trains in real-time.

What Are the Elements of Train Running Status?

The following are among the elements of train running status:

  • Day and Date of Departure
  • List of intermediate station names
  • Halting times at each intermediate station
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Estimated Time of Departure (ETD)

The Bottom Line

Planning and trying to execute a trip with the utmost convenience in the pre-digital era was nearly impossible due to unanticipated events that produced chaos from the start to the end point of the journey. IRCTC’s implementation of digitization has made it simple to schedule a rail journey. Now you can check live train status via the Indian Train website or its app in a fraction of seconds.

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