Alliance Air PNR Status

Alliance Air is a prominent Indian regional airline, offering domestic flights to various destinations. Known for its reliable services and cost-effective travel options, it plays a vital role in connecting smaller cities and towns. The airline provides a convenient PNR status checking facility for passengers. The Alliance Air PNR status inquiry service enables travelers to track the status of their booked flights, including details like seat assignments, flight timings, and itinerary changes. This user-friendly feature enhances the overall travel experience by providing real-time updates and information, ensuring a seamless journey for passengers across India.

Alliance Air PNR Status

What are the methods for checking the Alliance Air PNR status?

Alliance Air provides several methods for passengers to check their flight PNR status. Below, we have mentioned some common ways to check your Alliance Air PNR status:

Online Website: Passengers can visit the Alliance Air official website and navigate to the “Manage Booking” section. They will need to enter their Alliance Air booking reference (PNR) and last name to retrieve their booking details and current status.

Mobile App: If you have the Alliance Air mobile app installed on your smartphone, open the Alliance Air app and go to the “Manage Booking” section. Enter your booking reference number and passenger’s last name to check the Alliance Air flight PNR status.

Call Center: Passengers can contact the Alliance Air customer service or call center and provide their PNR and personal details to get updates on their Alliance Air PNR status.

Airport Counter: Travelers can visit the Alliance Air airport counter before their flight and provide their PNR and relevant identification to the staff to inquire about their Alliance Air PNR status.

How can I check the Alliance Air PNR status online?

To check the Alliance Air flight PNR status online, follow these steps:

Visit the website: Go to the official Alliance Air website at

Find the Manage Booking Section: Look for the “Manage Booking” option on the homepage of the Alliance Air website.

Enter booking details: Enter your Alliance Air booking reference number and the last name of the passenger.

View Status: Click on “Search” to view your booking details, including the Alliance Air flight PNR status.

How do I Enquire about the Alliance Air PNR status over customer care?

To inquire about the Alliance Air PNR status over customer care, follow these steps:

Find Number: Look for the customer care number for Alliance Air. You can usually find this information on the official Alliance Air website.

Dial Number: Call the customer care number provided by Alliance Air. Make sure you have your Alliance Air PNR number handy, as it will be required during the conversation. The customer care number for Alliance Air is +91 44 4255 4255.

Provide Details: Once connected to a customer care representative, provide them with your Alliance Air booking reference number. The representative may also ask for your last name, which should match your Alliance Air ticket.

Booking Status: Clearly state that you would like to know about your Alliance Air flight ticket status. The representative will then access your Alliance Air booking and provide you with the current Alliance Air booking status along with other necessary information.

About Alliance Air

Alliance Air is an Indian regional airline that operates as a subsidiary of Air India. Established in 1996, it serves as a crucial link between various cities and towns across India, especially those that are not as well connected by major airlines. The airline primarily focuses on domestic routes and plays a vital role in promoting regional connectivity and air travel accessibility in the country.

One of the main objectives of the airline is to provide reliable, affordable, and efficient air travel options to passengers traveling to and from smaller cities and towns. These are destinations that might not be economically feasible for larger airlines to serve directly due to lower passenger traffic. By operating smaller aircraft and optimizing routes, the airline can cater to the needs of passengers in these areas, contributing to the overall development of the aviation industry in India.

The airline typically operates a fleet of turboprop aircraft, such as ATR (Avions de Transport Regional) planes. These aircraft are well-suited for shorter distances and can land on smaller runways, which are often found at regional airports. The smaller size of the aircraft allows the airline to navigate airports with limited infrastructure and serve routes that larger jetliners cannot.

Alliance Air’s services are not only essential for travelers but also for the economic growth of the regions it serves. By providing air connectivity to smaller towns and cities, the airline facilitates tourism, business travel, and trade opportunities. This can lead to increased investment, job creation, and improved access to markets and resources.

In terms of operations, the airline coordinates its schedules with Air India to ensure seamless connectivity for passengers transferring between regional and international flights. The airline also upholds safety standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring that passengers have a comfortable and secure flying experience.

The Alliance Air plays a significant role in bridging the gap between major cities and remote regions within India. Its commitment to regional connectivity and accessibility has made it an important contributor to the country’s aviation landscape, fostering economic development and enhancing the travel options available to the diverse population of India.


Alliance Air PNR status checking is a crucial service for passengers looking for an updated status of their flight booking. By providing real-time updates on booking statuses, it empowers travelers to plan their journeys more efficiently. The user-friendly interface enhances the overall travel experience, reducing uncertainty and ensuring smoother transitions. This service reflects Alliance Air’s commitment to customer satisfaction and modern travel solutions, making it a valuable tool for anyone using their services.

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