FlyBig PNR Status

FlyBig plays a vital role in connecting smaller cities and towns to major hubs, thereby contributing to improved air connectivity within the country. The airline typically operates shorter routes and uses smaller aircraft to accommodate the needs of passengers traveling to destinations that might not be served by larger carriers. Being a regional airline, it offers fewer frills compared to larger carriers, but it still prioritizes safety and reliability. Passengers can expect a basic level of service and amenities on their flights. The Flybig PNR status checking facility offers an easy way for travelers to check the status of their flight booking.

FlyBig PNR Status

What are the methods for checking the FlyBig PNR status?

FlyBig provides several methods for passengers to check their flight booking status. Below, we have mentioned some common ways to check your FlyBig PNR status:

  • Online Website: Visit the official website of FlyBig and navigate to the “Manage Booking” section. Enter your FlyBig booking reference number along with your last name to retrieve your current booking status.
  • Mobile App: If you have the FlyBig mobile app installed on your smartphone, open the FlyBig app and go to the “Manage Booking” section. Enter your booking reference number and passenger’s last name to check the FlyBig PNR status.
  • Customer Service: Contact FlyBig’s customer service via phone or email and provide them with your PNR number to get updates on FlyBig’s PNR status.
  • Airport Counter: If you’re at the airport, you can approach the FlyBig counter and provide your booking details. The airline staff can help you check your FlyBig flight PNR status and provide any necessary assistance.

How can I check the FlyBig PNR status online?

To check the flight ticket PNR status of FlyBig Airlines online, follow these steps:

  • Visit the website: Go to the official FlyBig website at
  • Find the Manage Booking Section: Look for the “Manage Booking” option on the homepage of the FlyBig website.
  • Enter booking details: Enter your FlyBig booking reference number and the last name of the passenger.
  • View Status: Click on “Search” to view your booking details, including the FlyBig PNR status.

How do I inquire about the FlyBig PNR status through customer care?

To inquire about the FlyBig PNR status through customer care, follow these steps:

  • Find Number: Look for the customer care number for FlyBig. You can usually find this information on the official FlyBig website.
  • Dial Number: Call the customer care number provided by FlyBig. Make sure you have your FlyBig PNR number handy, as it will be required during the conversation. The customer care number for FlyBig is +91 9910 655 655.
  • Provide Details: Once connected to a customer care representative, provide them with your FlyBig PNR number. The representative may also ask for your last name, which should match your FlyBig ticket.
  • Booking Status: Clearly state that you would like to know about your FlyBig flight PNR status. The representative will then access your FlyBig booking and provide you with the current FlyBig booking status along with other necessary information.

About FlyBig Airline

FlyBig is an Indian regional airline headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, Haryana, India. Established by Big Charter Private Limited, a company headquartered in Gurugram, the airline began its operations in December 2020. The airline’s primary focus is on connecting Tier-2 cities within India, and it has particularly concentrated its operations in the east and north-east regions of the country.

The concept of a regional airline like FlyBig is to address the air travel needs of smaller cities and towns that are often overlooked by larger carriers. By providing air connectivity to these areas, the airline plays a pivotal role in boosting local economies, promoting tourism, and enhancing accessibility.

Operating out of Gurugram, which is a significant business and financial hub in Haryana, the airline is strategically positioned to serve the state and the surrounding regions. The airline’s commitment to connecting tier-2 cities aligns with the Indian government’s push for enhanced regional connectivity through the UDAN (Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik) scheme.

UDAN is a regional airport development and “Regional Connectivity Scheme” launched by the Government of India to make air travel affordable and accessible to a wider population, especially in remote and less-developed areas. Airlines participating in UDAN, like FlyBig, receive certain benefits and incentives to operate flights on underserved routes, which contributes to the growth of regional air travel.

As a relatively new player in the Indian aviation industry, the airline likely operates a fleet of smaller aircraft that are well-suited for short-haul flights to Tier-2 cities. These aircraft are designed to efficiently navigate shorter distances and smaller airports, further facilitating regional connectivity.

By focusing on the east and north-east regions of India, FlyBig likely targets areas with high potential for growth and increased air travel demand. These regions encompass a diverse range of cultures, economies, and landscapes, making air connectivity all the more crucial for their development.


Flybig’s PNR status checking service offers a convenient way for passengers to track their flight reservations. It streamlines travel plans by providing real-time updates on booking confirmations. This feature enhances the overall travel experience, promoting customer satisfaction. However, consistent accuracy and user-friendly interfaces remain crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and trust in the service.

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